To stumble on a threshold

To stumble on a threshold was a duo exhibition of sculpture, installation, sound and printmaking with artist Johan Severin, curated by Ruby Eleftheriotis. Displayed at NOGOODS space in Bergen, Norway in 2022.

‘It starts with Janus - the Roman God that just passes through, the God of beginnings, gates, communication, doorways, passageways, transitions, duality and endings. He presides over all thresholds located on a boundary - an intangible in-between space, with all its nuances, conflicts and paradoxes.

The doorway makes us aware of our transition from one place, or state, to another - giving architectural ceremony and ritual to the process. Doorways are the architecture of passing through, and to stumble on a threshold slows down this passing for a moment - celebrating passage, change, possibility, imagination…

The silver leafed butterfly and its twisted reach is a portal sculpture by Jack O’Flynn fused from found wood, metal, wire, plaster, latex, ceramic, sand, paint and pigment. Materials meet and combine in states of opposition, rising from a bed of sand and purple fragments. The architectural structure defies definition - is it an ancient ruin, is it a natural, growing creature, or has it arrived from a distant future?’

Text by Ruby Eleftheriotis