‘The Sands of Blue Tears’ is a stop motion animation created in 2023 by Jack O’Flynn, first shown at Hordaland Kunstsenter as part of ‘The Archer never appeared again and the Dogs changed to moss’ exhibition.

“A mythic, dream-like story unfolds as as animals voyage through landscapes that hum with mystery and animate force . At times, the animals are growing from and being consumed by the ground they walk on. We see them quest and search for nests among a blue, glittering, changing world…”

Materials: sand, ceramic, plasticine, clay, plaster, polystyrene, paint, foil, gold flakes, glitter, latex.

Duration: 13 minutes.

Soundtrack made in collaboration with Dalian Rynne. With thanks to Ruby Eleftheriotis.

Images: film stills taken from ‘The Sands of Blue Tears’.